mandag 19. november 2007

Ralph McTell - Streets of London. Analyse

Ralph McTell is a singer, songwriter and an acoustic guitar player from Britian, he has had big influence on the British people since the 1960s with his folk music, and Streets of London is one of his most succesfull songs. It came as number 2 in the singles chart in the UK, it has been covred be over two hundred artists all over the world, some of them are Blackmore's Night, Joan Baez, and The Sex Pistols and in a periode it sold more than 90.000 copies a day, this gave him serval awards.

The songs message is that we should remember how lucky most of us actually are, we got food, shelter, family, friends and other basic needs covred, while there are so many people around the world that are missing one or serval of the things they are in desperate need for.
Instead for turning away and look at them as scum of the society we live in, we might rather try to care a bit more.

Ralph got inspired to write the song when he and his band was out busking and hitchhiking around Europe before they got discovered, actually it was in Paris the individual stories are taken from, but he choose to use London because he thought the name was most suitable.

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